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“New Customer Shoutbox”

I have added this chat box in order to offer real-time chat feedback to new & existing customers who may be anxious about ordering online for the first time etc.
The main purpose is:
1. to assure new customers that we are genuine,
2. You report to others your direct feedback if youdo receive your products or if there is issue etc.

We all know that there are many dodgy operators in this industry,
I am hoping to add a refreshing air of "Customer Confidence" to this industry,

also feel free to ask for any advice assistance from myself or each other,
We work on 100% buyer satisfaction and this shout box the ultimate level of service transparency as should be when purchasing anything online!

Thank You" G-199 Customers, Regards Dale, Your friend in Gear!

Parabolan 100 La-Pharma 3 x 100mg/l 1ml Vial
Parabolan 100 La-Pharma 3 x 100mg/l 1ml Vial Parabolan:

TriTren® La-Pharma Trenbolone 200mg/ml 10ml Vail
TriTren® La-Pharma Trenbolone 200mg/ml 10ml Vail COMPOSITION:
Each ml cont...

Trenbolone Enanthate LA pharma 200mg/ml - 10ml vial
Trenbolone Enanthate LA pharma 200mg/ml - 10ml vial



Testosterone Blend-SU-350 Thaiger-Pharma
Testosterone Blend-SU-350 Thaiger-Pharma



buy steroids online

Note: Don't just throw money at any website and hope for the best! View our references "HERE"
View our Customer Video Network Hear! "HERE"

"Attention All Customers"
Many Email Servers are sending our store emails to your spam folder and some mail servers are"rejecting our emails completely",
This means that "you may not be receiving our emails", Rejected emails include our Welcome New Account email, Payment Invoice Email and important store order updates such as Postal tracking numbers, News Letters and Product Update Emails.

"We recommend"
That all new gear199 customer accounts be created using a G-mail , (google mail) gmail email is free and can be created in seconds with minimal fields required!

"It is possible to use alternative email accounts such as Yahoo Mail, Hotmail
, and others."

If you do choose to use these email servers obove then you must,
"Add our email to your whitelist or whatever function your email server requires to train your email servers spam filter" in order to accept our emails.

You may create a new account here: Register account,

If you are an existing customer and you are receiving order updates then you may continue with that same account,
"We do advise that all customers check the spam folder frequently"

Thank you for your cooperation in regard to our email correspondence and remember our slogan, "You Wont Be disappointed With Us".

Note: All payment information and order status updates can be accessed simply by loging into your account and clicking on your order here: Log In, "When your onto a good thing share it"!
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01.Sustanon 250 (Testosterone Ester) - 3 Amps X 1ml (250mg/ml)
02.Deca Durabolin (Nandrolone Decanoate) - 3 Amps X 1ml (100mg/ml)
03.Cytex Testosterone Cypionate 10ml Vial- 250mg/ml
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Clenbuterol Hydrochloride 100 x 40mcg Tablets (SB)
Clenbuterol Hydrochloride 100 x 40mcg Tablets (SB)
Anabol (Dianabol) LA Pharma 10mg x 100 tabs
As Dale says "it's the real deal", will order again. ..
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Sustanon 400 mg/ml 10 ml LA Pharma
Sustanon 400 mg/ml 10 ml LA Pharma
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